Canadel Product Catalog

Offer a good sample of Canadel products to help users customize it next.

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Project Overview

Project Name:

Canadel Catalog

Project Tagline:

Offer a good sample of Canadel products to help users customize it next.

Project Summary:

The purpose of the catalog is to solve two problems:

  • Fill a gap between two stages of our sales funnel: Inspiration (website) and Furniture Customization (UDesign configurator).

  • Be a source of product data for our reseller websites through an API.



Project Timeframe:

January to June 2019

Major Tasks & Responsibilities:

Develop the workflow, UI and prototypes.



Design Tools / UX Methods Used:

Photoshop, Illustrator, Justinmind,  Stakeholders interview, User Testing

Key Performance Metrics:

Not released due to a full rebuild decision by UDesign. 

Team Members & Collaborators:

UI/UX Designer: Guilherme Negreiros (me), Team Lead: St├ęphane Drouin, Frontend dev: Olivier Bellemare, Backend dev: Rafael Colato.

Link to Final Project:

Not released due to a full rebuild decision by UDesign.

There was a missing step
in the sales funnel
Canadel website

Canadel website

Introduction & Summary

Canadel Catalog is an application that helps users personalize Canadel furniture. It removes the gap between the inspiration offered by our website and the blank page of the UDesign configurator.

My role was to research, design, and test all user interfaces related to the project. I collaborated with the design, development, and marketing team to launch this project.

UX Processes


Call Notes (Click to enlarge)

Call Notes (Click to enlarge)

Usability Review

Based on user feedback through Hotjar we conducted telephone interviews. One of the findings was that there was a missing step in the sales funnel, which made using UDesign very difficult to use.


Canadel Catalog Schema (Click to enlarge)

Canadel Catalog Schema (Click to enlarge)

User Goals

I talked to our team to find the best solution.


Canadel Catalog Global View (Click to enlarge)

Canadel Catalog Global View (Click to enlarge)

User Flows

I began by creating schemes to define the best integration on our sales funnel. I used Illustrator to iterate through this process


Canadel Catalog Prototype

High Fidelity Prototype

Having a complete user flow, I was ready to design a High Fidelity Prototype using Justinmind. It gave me a global landscape and the confidence needed to develop a beta test version.


During the research stage I was surprised that despite the complexity of the learning curve of our configurator, our users were satisfied and ended up buying their Canadel dining room.

The biggest challenge for me in this project was to define the catalog filters.

Define the addition and intercession rules respecting the manufacturing rules of the Canadel lines, keeping the focus on the main goal: making the user's life easier.

What I liked the most about this project was defending its importance as a step that was missing in the company's sales funnel and in the customer journey.

This is what the catalog should represent

Furniture Types
Wood Colors
Possible combinations