UDesign Orders

Allow Canadel retailers to send their orders to Canadel directly from the UDesign furniture configurator

Project Overview

Project Name:

UDesign Orders

Project Tagline:

Allow Canadel retailers to send their orders to Canadel directly from the UDesign furniture configurator.

Project Summary:

This feature allows floor sellers to send their orders directly to Canadel from the UDesign furniture configurator without the hassle of entering order details by hand.



Major Tasks & Responsibilities

Develop the workflow, User Interfaces,  and High Fidelity Mockups.



UX Methods

Stakeholders interview, User Testing.

Design Tools

Photoshop, Illustrator, Justinmind

Team Members & Collaborators

UI/UX Designer: Guilherme Negreiros (me), Team Lead: Stéphane Drouin, Frontend dev: Olivier Bellemare, Backend devs: Marc-André Lavoie, Mathieu Déziel et David Lacroix.

Link to Final Project

Only accessible with a Canadel retailer account.

My role was to build workflows, design and test all User Interfaces

Introduction & Summary

UDesign Orders is an app feature that saves time and standardizes orders for Canadel retailers.

It removes the pain of entering order details by hand with an innovative, seamless user interface integrated after furniture customization.

My role was to build workflows, design and test all User Interfaces related to the project.

I collaborated with web developers, the sales team, and UDesign customer service to launch this feature.

UX Processes









1. Define

Business Goals

There wasn’t standardization of the orders that arrived from our merchants by fax (often handwritten), email, or EDI.
Our goal is to simplify the preparation of the order and standardize its format and method of sending it to Canadel.

User Goals

It was not easy for retailers to prepare an order. The products are customized, so the SKUs are complex. They should copy the codes displayed on the configurator.
Here, the goal was to allow the user to create an order from the configurator with the certainty of the SKUs (even more need to know them) and send it directly to Canadel.

2. Discovery

User Flows

I began by creating schemes to define the best user flows for this complex feature. I used Illustrator to iterate through this process.

Users hierarchy

As UDesign has several user types, I created a scheme using Illustrator to define and illustrate their interaction with the Orders feature.

3. Design

High Fidelity Mockups

Having a complete user flow, I was ready to design High Fidelity Mockups using Illustrator. It gave me a global landscape and the confidence needed to develop a beta test version.

4. Discovery

User Testing

Our team developed a beta version only available to Canadel’s representatives to get their feedback validating our assumptions.


I learned about integrating many user roles into a complex task. It was challenging and fun!
The project had many challenges, but the most difficult piece was reconciling the various work methodologies used by furniture stores across Canada and the United States.

I finally managed to find a common point among the most important retailers.

  • 203 United States and Canada furniture stores use this feature to order Canadel furniture.

  • Canadel receives an average of 53 orders per week through this feature.

While the whole project was a huge learning experience, I especially loved iterating on building user flows integrating different user roles at different sale stages.

UDesign orders in numbers

september 2021


Furniture stores
using this feature


through this feature